YouTube gets Dream Screen, AI Insights and more creator tools

Google has unveiled upcoming features for YouTube in its recent ‘Made on YouTube’ episode. These additions aim to offer creators fresh avenues for content creation, simplify tasks, and expand their audience reach.

Dream Screen

In an experimental venture, YouTube is introducing Dream Screen. This feature allows content creators to incorporate AI-generated image or video backgrounds into their YouTube Shorts. This creative tool aims to provide creators with new avenues for enhancing the visual appeal of their content.

YouTube Create

YouTube Create is poised to simplify the video editing and production process. With this new mobile app, creators can effortlessly polish their videos using their smartphones. This practical tool is designed to make content enhancement more accessible and efficient.

AI Insights

AI Insights is an invaluable resource for creators seeking fresh video ideas. It provides tailored suggestions and outlines based on the content preferences of their existing audience on YouTube. This feature assists creators in crafting content that resonates with their viewers.


Aloud is a game-changer for creators looking to expand their content’s global reach. This tool simplifies the process of creating content in multiple languages through an automatic dubbing feature. It promises to break language barriers and reach a broader international audience.

Assistive Search in Creator Music

Assistive Search in Creator Music is an AI-driven search tool designed to assist creators in discovering the ideal soundtrack for their videos. This feature simplifies the process of finding suitable music, saving creators time and effort in the content creation process.

Announcing the updates, Natt Garun, Managing Editor, YouTube Blog, said:

Today, we held an event called “Made On YouTube”, which showcased the various ways in which YouTube supports and highlights its creators. This year, we demonstrated why YouTube is simply the best place for creation.

During the event, we unveiled upcoming features on YouTube that will enable creators to produce, modify, and distribute content in innovative ways. These tools will not only foster new modes of creative expression but also alleviate time-consuming and costly tasks, ultimately helping creators to connect with a larger audience.