iPhone 15’s USB-C port could feature Thunderbolt support

The iPhone 15 might come with a USB-C port supported by a Thunderbolt/USB4 Retimer chip, according to a recent report from ChargerLAB.

iPhone 15 USB-C Port and Charging Details

The report indicates that the iPhone 15 could include a USB-C female socket with a Thunderbolt/USB4 Retimer chip. This switch to USB-C is in line with previous reports about the iPhone 15 supporting 15W wireless fast charging. The change from Lightning to USB-C was initially reported in February.

USB-C Port Variants

A tweet by fix Apple (@lipilipsi), known for reliable Apple insights, suggests that the exposed USB-C port will appear in three iPhone 15 models: iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15.

The port design shows a consistent layout on both sides, with a total of 24 pins. The power supply pins, GND and VBUS, are longer than the other data pins, indicating a standard USB-C setup.

The USB-C port design includes an ultra-thin L-shaped PCB with six fixing holes. This design aims to enhance stability, preventing damage caused by cable twisting after insertion.

iPhone 15 with Thunderbolt/USB4 Support

Leaked images of the iPhone 15’s internal components show a Retimer chip behind the USB-C port. This Retimer chip is linked to Thunderbolt/USB4’s high-speed 40Gbps data transmission capability.

It helps improve signal stability for high-bandwidth data ports, allowing for more reliable and longer-distance data transmission.

The leaked images suggest that all three iPhone 15 models will incorporate Thunderbolt/USB4’s 40Gbps high-speed data transmission feature. The Retimer chip is visible on small PCBs for all variants, indicating this feature’s presence across the lineup.

Future Changes

After the iPhone 15 series launch, only AirPods and entry-level iPads will continue using the Lightning port, but the future models will likely switch to the USB-C port.

With just a month remaining until Apple’s September Fall Event 2023, there’s anticipation about changes in charging power, device certification, and potential limitations.


Author: Varun Krish

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