The Nokia N97 Facebook App Walkthrough with Screenshots

If you are following fonearena and posts, then you must have come across various posts about Nokia N97 the upcoming flagship handset of nokia. Recently you saw the Making of Nokia N97. Well, now we have one more update for those of you looking forward to the Nokia N97


Now we have a few more information about the facebook widget app in the Nokia N97. As you can see in screenshots taken by Steve of Last100 , one can perform complete tasks of adding friends, uploading photos and much more. Just have a look on the following cool images..

The home screen wherein you can update status, view news feed, events, check photos, chat with friends, look into inbox messages and much more.


Now comes the calendar functionality which is another important element inside facebook and even that is being included.


View all events, tasks and appointments.


Write and view wall posts and also check your friends’ status updates.


Here’s a peek at status messages.


And this is the last screenshot.. Hope you enjoyed!

So, almost all the functionalities have been covered and this facebook widget for Nokia N97 really deserves a thumbs up. Do you think anything else should have been included?

Author: Deepak

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