Xiaomi India partners with Optiemus Electronics for local production of audio products

Xiaomi India has joined forces with Optiemus Electronics Limited (OEL) to enhance its commitment to manufacturing in India. This partnership focuses on advancing the field of AIoT and begins with the localization of wireless audio products.

Xiaomi Strengthens ‘Make in India’ Commitment with Localized Audio Product Production

Xiaomi, in collaboration with Optiemus Electronics Limited (OEL), has commenced local production of its first audio product at the OEL factory in Noida. This partnership reflects Xiaomi’s dedication to India’s economic growth and job creation, fostering domestic manufacturing through operational expansion and partnerships with local industry leaders.

Promoting Domestic Value Addition

Xiaomi aims to achieve a 50% increase in domestic value addition for smartphones within the next two years. This commitment underscores the company’s focus on delivering high-quality products and supporting the growth of domestic manufacturing in India, while making technology accessible to the masses.

Advancing Technology for All

With a strong emphasis on innovation for everyone, Xiaomi India aims to introduce advanced technology at affordable prices to the Indian market. This partnership further solidifies Xiaomi’s position as a key player in the Indian electronics industry.

Speaking on the partnership, Muralikrishnan B, President, Xiaomi India said,

We are happy to work with Optiemus Electronics Limited to make our products and parts in India. This will help us offer good devices at fair prices. We want to do more of this for different kinds of products that we have.

Commenting on the association, Nitesh Gupta, Director, Optiemus Electronics Limited said,

We are glad to work with Xiaomi India and help them make their products in India. Xiaomi is a big and good company in the Indian electronics market and has new and amazing technology, so this shows that Optiemus Electronics is good and growing too. We hope to give great value by using our best facilities to make Xiaomi products.