Hitachi launches new Yoshi, iZen and Senpai airHome series ACs in India

In India, Hitachi has added 3 new product lines to its airHome series of Room AC. These are Yoshi, a 5-star series, iZen, a 3-star series and Senpai, a 3-star series. These products were launched after the release of new Air conditioners in March this year.

These air conditioners belong to the airHome series and have a unique design that enhances the look of the room. They have a dual panel look, dual surface finish, dual platinum and dual gold colour tone, long-lasting Star white colour, accentuate curve design and iconic wave design. The UV paint prevents the colour from fading.


Ice Clean feature: This feature uses Frost Wash Technology to clean the indoor unit by forming and melting ice on the heat exchanger. This removes dust, mold and bacteria and provides clean air. It also maintains 3 times airflow for better cooling over time. Hitachi Cooling and Heating Air Conditioners also have AQtiv-Ion, which releases negative ions to deactivate pollutants.

Long Air Throw: This feature allows the air conditioners to throw air up to 24 meters to ensure even cooling in the room. The four-way swing covers all corners of the room.

airCloud Home: This feature enables the user to control the air conditioner remotely. The innovative ambient light feature shows the user the temperature of the room with three colours: cool blue for cool temperature (16- 23°c), comfort green for comfortable temperature (24- 27°c), and warm red for warm temperature (28- 32°c).

Pricing and availability

You can buy these new products in all major retail stores and online platforms like, Flipkart and others from today onwards.

Commenting on the launch, Gurmeet Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd., said:

People in India who buy air conditioners are smart and know what they want. They have many choices and want the best one. Hitachi Cooling and Heating is a popular air conditioner brand in India because we understand our customers and make our products better than what they expect. The brand is one of the top ones in the country and we are working hard to improve our position in the market.