T-Mobile launching Samsung Dart tomorrow?

T-Mobile USA is one of the largest mobile operators in USA and they are offering a bunch of good Android devices. T-Mobile is also gearing up to launch HTC Sensation 4G which is due tomorrow, and it’s going to be T-Mobile new flagship device. Well, if you are not that much in high-end smartphones and want to get your hands on a simple touchscreen phone, then you should have a look on Samsung Dart. Samsung Dart is an entry level Android phone and according to the leaked documents above, T-Mobile will be officially launching it tomorrow. Samsung Dart offers some good entry level specs and what we know so far is that it comes with a 3 Megapixel camera, 2GB SD card, Bluetooth and Swype enabled keyboard.

T-Mobile is launching this device for people and families who want an affordable smartphone. According to T-Mobile, the device is Super-simple and affordable, features Google Maps and Navigation and web browsing with Flash support. Don’t forget to check out the press image of Samsung Dart after the break.Anyone planning to get this?