Sharp, Motorola Mobility, and Kyocera join AccessAdvance’s HEVC Patent Pool

The most well-known companies, Sharp, Motorola Mobility, and Kyocera in the tech industry have joined Access Advance’s HEVC Advance Patent Pool as licensees to become part of this patent pool. This move shows how important these companies believe high efficiency video coding (HEVC) technology is for their businesses and customers alike.

The HEVC Advance Patent Pool

The HEVC Advance Patent Pool was created by Access Advanced Technologies LLC in order to provide an efficient way for its members to access a wide range of patents related to video compression technologies such as HVEC/H265 encoding/decoding processes used for streaming media over networks like 4K Ultra HDTV or Blu-ray Discs.

By joining this patent pool, Sharp, Motorola Mobility, and Kyocera will be able to gain access to numerous patents from various contributors which would otherwise require them to individually negotiate licenses with each owner separately – something that can be both expensive and time-consuming process due to lack of many different owners involved with any given set of patents covering specific technologies.

HEVC Advance Patent Pool Surpasses 20,000-Patent Milestone

The HEVC Advance Patent Pool license is an impressive and comprehensive resource for those looking to use the latest video compression technology. It includes over 20,500 essential patents issued in 116 countries, of which over 17,650 are exclusively available through a pool license from HEVC Advance.

This expansive patent portfolio provides users with access to the most advanced technologies in the industry while also protecting their intellectual property rights.

According to Access Advance CEO, Peter Moller, said,

We are very pleased that Sharp, Motorola Mobility, and Kyocera have become Licensees of the HEVC Advance Patent Pool. All three companies are leaders in the consumer electronics marketplace, and their participation in the HEVC Advance Patent Pool is another indicator of the value the HEVC Advance pool provides.

We are also extremely proud to now have 40 Licensors in our program, with collectively over 20,500 patents. Our successful and continuing efforts to consolidate over 75% of the HEVC/H.265 patent landscape provides unmatched and unprecedented value to both our licensors and licensees.