Samsung, Google and Qualcomm partner for XR products

Samsung held its largest event yesterday, announcing a slew of exciting new products. But that’s not all; Samsung has also confirmed its intention to enter the virtual reality space. T M Roh, Samsung’s mobile experience business head, confirmed the company’s plans to develop new “extended reality” products in an interview with The Washington Post.

The term “extended reality” (XR) refers to the emerging virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality space, into which every major technology company is venturing. Roh, on the other hand, did not go into detail about Samsung’s first new XR product.

Many different companies … have been making these announcements about different realities. So we have also been making similar preparations, no less than any others.

Samsung has collaborated with Qualcomm on chips and Google on software to bring the XR products to market. Roh also stated that Samsung’s foray into augmented reality would include service partnerships with Meta and Microsoft.

Roh emphasized the importance of the ecosystem to be ready to adopt XR products. As for mixed reality and augmented reality, Roh said, “of course there are devices for that as well.” “But perhaps they can be joined with the smartphone and develop further from there.”

We anticipate that Samsung will launch a new wearable display or headset with XR technology, as well as work to expand the ecosystem. We should get more information regarding the upcoming XR devices in the coming months.

Regarding the partnership with Samsung for XR tech, Google spokeswoman Kaori Miyake said,

We’re excited to work with our partners to build a new generation of immersive computing experiences that will further elevate what users can do with Google.

Regarding the partnership with Samsung for XR tech, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said,

We have the foundation to make these opportunities a reality and drive the future of the spatial internet.