OnePlus trademarks ‘V Fold’ and ‘V Flip’ foldable smartphones

OnePlus has taken the initiative and trademarked the names “OnePlus V Fold” and “OnePlus V Flip.” These monikers are a nod to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, and signal OnePlus’s entry into the foldable smartphone market. This comes from a 9to5Google report and spotted by the tipster Mukul Sharma.

OnePlus ‘V Fold’ and ‘V Flip’ foldable smartphones

The trademark was filed with the China National Intellectual Property Administration, and has been confirmed to still be active. It is exciting to note that internal testing of at least one of these devices is already underway.

The listing by CNIPA provides limited information, but it confirms that two phones under the names “OnePlus V Fold” and “OnePlus V Flip” were listed in the middle of the month.

These names resemble Samsung’s naming convention for its foldable phones and suggest that OnePlus may be preparing to launch a foldable device that can convert into a tablet and another with a clamshell design.

Speculation about a foldable phone from OnePlus has been a hot topic for some time. The expectation is that the company will launch its first foldable phone this year, given the increased focus on foldables by OPPO, a company that has a significant impact on OnePlus’s future projects. OPPO launched the OPPO Find N2 and Find N2 Flip last year, further fueling speculation about a OnePlus foldable.

However, as of now, details such as the release date, pricing, and differences from OPPO’s versions are still unknown, apart from the fact that the device will likely have unique software. The growing foldable phone market is highly anticipated, and it will be exciting to see the launch of a foldable phone from OnePlus in the near future.