US Cellular officially launches HTC Merge, price and release date confirmed

We are hearing about the HTC Merge from last year and we have seen a lot of leaked screenshots of it, and HTC officially announced it back in February. As it’s a CDMA device, we were assuming that it will hit either Sprint or Verizon, and we first saw it with Verizon Wireless branding but it looks like the device is now going to hit US Cellular, because they officially announced it. US Cellular is the seventh largest US network, and they are offering several low-end and other mid-range phones. HTC Merge actually looks like a CDMA version of T-Mobile G2, there is a little difference in design and the main difference is that it also features Sense UI. When we first heard about this device last year, the specs felt amazing but now, we are living in the world where dual-core phones are the next thing. Merge comes with Android 2.2, 3.8 inch display, side-sliding QWERTY keyboard, an 800MHz Scorpion processor, a 5 MP camera with flash and a lot of other stuff. If you want to buy one from US Cellular, then you will be able to get it for $149.99 with a 2-yr contact and $100 rebate. They are officially launching it on May 31st, so call your local US Cellular store to check availability before hitting the store.

So anyone getting it from US Cellular?