Meta rolls out new Reels tools, ‘Add Yours’ sticker to Instagram and Facebook

Meta has announced new Reels tools for Facebook and Instagram. The firm is introducing an “Add Yours” sticker feature for Reels on both the platforms. The sticker enables users to reply to other users’ Reels on a particular topic or in response to a request. You could share a Reel with an Add Yours prompt, for instance, asking people to post clips of their pets.

Add Yours – Sticker

Meta believes the sticker is a popular Stories feature, so adding it to Reels makes sense given its ambitions to double down on short-form video. Meta could see the sticker as a means to raise the number of reels on its platforms and attract users who might not have previously uploaded one to do so.

When you share a new Add Yours prompt, other Reels automatically appear on a separate page. People can see who created the prompt at the top of the page. Although the function encourages collaboration, it can also be used to find new people to connect with and follow.


Meta also enabled Stars, virtual items which allow users to support their favourite producers on Facebook Reels, for all approved creators. Stars was previously added to Facebook Reels, and it is now available to all qualifying creators. Meta just announced a mobile option for initiating Stars and managing revenue and profit.

Cross-post Reels from Instagram to Facebook

Instagram Reels now lets users cross-post from Instagram to Facebook. Creators may now develop communities on both Facebook and Instagram, the firm adds.

Auto-created Facebook Reels

Meta also launches auto-created Facebook Reels utilizing existing Facebook Stories. The new function makes sharing reels easier. Given Meta’s concentration on Reels, it’s not surprising that the firm wants users to turn existing stories into Reels.

Facebook Reels insights

Facebook Reels are added to Creator Studio. Meta’s new analytics will help artists find successful Facebook Reels. Creators may track reach, minutes viewed, and average watch time.

Facebook Reels Remix

Sequential Reels Remix for Facebook Reels by Meta. Along with showcasing your remix together with the original reel, users can now show it afterward. The new feature gives you the chance to remix by showcasing your clip following the original reel.