Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen expands new emoticons in Android 13 beta 2

Google I/O 2022 introduced new hardware and software, and also led to Android 13 Beta 2, the next major milestone in Google’s OS development. Gboard users can merge different existing emoticons to create a new emoji. Google has maintained this functionality with subsequent updates that have expanded emoji compatibility. And as part of Android 13 Beta 2, Google has upgraded Emoji Kitchen anew, so now more emojis can be kitchenized.

Google’s Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen in Android 13 Beta 2 now supports four new emojis. According to Emojipedia, it will support “🐾 Paw Prints, 🍒 Cherries, 🍉 Watermelon, and 🪨 Rock” Users of Gboard can now form a mix of these four emojis. Furthermore, Emoji Kitchen supports approximately 400 emojis. Some of these emoticons are from Unicode 14. You can see what some of these will look like below. Combining these new emojis opens up a whole new universe of interaction for user conversation.

Even though it’s not obvious if these new emoji combinations will be available on previous Android versions, the fact that these new emoticons are based on existing emojis shouldn’t put you off from seeing them. As is typical with Google releases, the distribution will take a few weeks.