Microsoft to lower prices for Xbox Game Pass subscription in India starting April 1

It is no secret that Microsoft is very interested in pushing their Xbox game subscription service across various platforms. They are very clearly interested in growing the service in India, and now the company has announced lower prices for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Console Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Live Gold starting from April 1st.

Across all tiers and plans, Microsoft has reduced the prices by over 28%, which is great news for gamers in India who wish to use this service. Previously the cheapest plan started at Rs. 489 per month, and now it starts at Rs. 349.

Current New
Game Pass Ultimate
1 month 699 499
3 Month 2099 1499
6 Months 4199 2999
12 Months 8399 5999
24 months 16799 11999
PC Game Pass
1 month 489 349
3 Month 1467 1049
6 Months 2934 2099
12 Months 5858 4199
Console Game Pass
1 month 489 349
3 Month 1467 1049
6 Months 2934 2099
Xbox Live Gold
1 month 489 349
6 Months 1049 749
12 Months 2799 1999

Subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides access to 100+ games, including AAA titles such as Forza Horizon 5, Rainbow 6 Siege, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. It also offers other perks such as Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play membership.

The change in prices for all plans will become live starting April 1st, 2022.

Commenting on the price drop, Microsoft said:

We regularly evaluate the price of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold at a local level to best serve customers in each country. These price adjustments were informed and based on local market conditions in each country. This is simply a continuation of the price adjustments we made in select countries late last year.