Xiaomi beats Samsung to grab the top spot as leading smartphone maker in Europe in Q2 2021: Strategy Analytics

Recently, India smartphone market shipments Q2 2021 statistics were released where Xiaomi is still in the top position with a 28.4% market share. Now, the European smartphone market shipment statistics have been released, and Xiaomi has captured the top position there as well.

According to Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi has a 25.3% smartphone shipments market share in Europe followed by Samsung with 24%, Apple with 19.2%, OPPO with 5.6%, realme with 3.8%, and others with 22.2% share. The smartphone market in Europe posted strong growth of +14% YoY to 50 million units in Q2 2021.

The smartphone market crashed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and later it had a strong quarter driven by Covid recovery. Xiaomi captured the top position for the first time with almost 13 million units in shipments.

Commenting on this, Boris Metodiev, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics, said:

The European markets for smartphones had a strong quarter driven by Covid recovery, following the crash in 2020. The highlight of the quarter is Xiaomi emerging as the number one vendor in shipment terms for the first time. Xiaomi shipped almost 13 million units on the continent to displace longtime leader Samsung. Xiaomi has seen great success in Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Italy among others and found customers eager for its Mi and Redmi series of feature rich, value smartphones.

Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, added:

Samsung shipments dropped -7% YoY in Europe resulting in shipments of 12M units in Q2 2021. Samsung is performing well with new 5G models from the Galaxy A series, but it faces increasing competition from Apple in the high-end and the Chinese vendors in the low-end, and it failed to take advantage of Huawei’s demise in Europe.