OnePlus Watch B.52 update adds new Workout modes, AI Outfit watchface function and more

When OnePlus launched the OnePlus Watch back in March, they claimed that the Watch supported 110+ sports modes, however it was not available at launch. Instead, they promised it would arrive in a future update. Yesterday, OnePlus began rolling out their Watch Software B.52, which finally adds this support for more than 110 sports modes, along with a few other changes.

These new sports modes can be accessed and added directly through the Watch itself. At the bottom of the Workout screen, there will be an option to “Add” and “Edit” the list.

The update also adds support for the AI Outfit watchface function, which will automatically generate a watch face based on a picture of the user.

The official changelog of Watch Software B.52 is as a follows:


  • Add multiple workout modes. Now you have more than 110 workout modes
  • Add Marathon running function
  • Add AI Outfit watchface function.

Use tip

  • Try to tap the screen on some watch face, you may find a hidden function!

As always, the update will roll out to a small batch of users first and later will have a wider rollout. Users must ensure that their OnePlus Watch has at least 40% battery and the latest version of the OnePlus Health app installed to do the update.