Apple reportedly begins mass production of successor to the M1 chip, could power products launching in H2 2021

When Apple launched their first-ever desktop/laptop processor called the M1, it was positively received for its impressive performance and power efficiency. Now Apple has reportedly begun mass production for the successor of the M1 chip, likely called the Apple Silicon M2.

The Apple Silicon M2, just like the M1, will have an integrated system-on-chip design, and it will be made on TSMC’s 5-nanometer plus technology, or N5P. Production of these chips is expected to take about 3 months, which means shipments of these chips could begin as early as July 2021 for MacBooks that are scheduled to launch later in August/September.

When Apple first introduced the M1, they revealed that the transition to Apple Silicon will take about 2 years. Apple has already replaced Intel processors from the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro 13 and the iMac with their M1 processors.

With M1’s successor, Apple is expected to outfit their high-end laptops and desktops with it, including the MacBook Pro 16 and iMac Pro models, completely replacing the Intel chips that are currently being offered.