Win a Nokia E7 Contest – Day 2

This is the second day of my secret mission Well, hopefully it won’t remain a secret for long, as most of you guys have found out where I am. We got an amazing response on Day 1. I would we using the Nokia E7 as my primary device for the 4 days of the contest. So, here goes the clue for Day 2.
nokia e7 contest day 2

It’s a fine morning here! Amazing sunshine and beautiful glistening sea. It’s a breeze to catch up on my tweets on the E7. Having used E71, I could never part with it in-spite of all the others I have used over time. The primary reason being the ease of typing. If one gets bored of using the touch screen, there’s always another option.

As a blogger, this is the most critical feature since I have to do a lot of it on the move. I am assuming, you’d have guessed it by now?
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Author: Varun Krish

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