ACT Fibernet to increase broadband plan tariff from June 1 [Update: Revised rental]

Update 1st June, 2020: ACT Fibernet has revised the rentals on its website and app, and here are the updated rentals for Chennai. The rentals have been revised for other cities as well.

Plan Name Speed Data Old Rental
Revised Rental
ACT Basic 50 Mbps 200 GB Rs. 799 Rs. 820
ACT Blaze 100 Mbps 500 GB Rs. 999 Rs. 1020
ACT Blast Promo 150 Mbps 1000 GB Rs. 1049 Rs. 1075
ACT Storm 200 Mbps 1250 GB Rs. 1099 Rs. 1125
ACT Lightning 250 Mbps 1500 GB Rs. 1299 Rs. 1325
ACT Incredible 350 Mbps 2000 GB Rs. 1999 Rs. 1999

ACT Fibernet has been constantly upgrading its broadband plans and has given various offers to users like the recent free upgrade to 300 Mbps speeds and unlimited data. While the broadband tariff has been constant over the past few years, now the company is increasing its broadband plan prices in various cities of India starting June 1st, 2020.

In a mail to its users, ACT Fibernet said that it is implementing “a nominal increase” in the price of its broadband plans. The hike is said to be 2-4% in most of the cities the company operates and the hike is not consistent across all the plans. For instance, in Chennai, the rental of ACT Storm plan is being increased by Rs. 26 per month (excluding GST) and the rental of ACT Blaze plan is being increased by Rs. 21 per month (excluding GST). On the other hand, in Delhi (Via), the rental of ACT Silver Promo plan is being increased by Rs. 50 per month (excluding GST).

The company says that the broadband sector has seen unprecedented challenges over the last few years which has led to increased cost of operations, and it is to be noted that the data usage has also been increased lately due to people staying at homes.

The price hike will be reflected in users’ monthly bill starting June 1st, 2020. Lastly, ACT Fibernet’s app and website still shows the old prices, but the revised prices are expected to be listed soon.

In our endeavour to provide you a superior internet experience, we continue to invest in upgrading our technology, network, data centres, last-mile fibre connectivity and multi-platform customer support centres, amongst others. We have kept prices constant over the past few years, despite significant cost increases and investments for superior internet experience. In addition, our sector has also seen unprecedented challenges over the last few years, leading to increased cost of operations. Given the above facts, we will be implementing a nominal increase of Rs.26/-‘ p.m. which will reflect in your monthly bill starting from June 2020

Author: Manoj Nagendra

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