Amazon launches voice-based shopping with Alexa in India


Amazon has brought more functionality to Alexa in India namely the ability to shop on Amazon using just your voice. Customers can now use voice commands to search for products, add to Cart, check order status, proceed to checkout and more.

This functionality has existed in the USA and a few other countries for quite a while now and Amazon has finally brought it to India. It currently works only with English and Amazon is promising more functionality will be added as Alexa’s AI system continues to get smarter.

Currently some of the commands that have been added are:

  • Search +Shopping:
    • Alexa, Show me running shoes
    • Alexa, Search for Aashirwaad atta
    • Alexa,I want green tea
    • Alexa, Show me sarees
    • Alexa, Search for chocolates
    • Alexa, Search toys for 2 year old
    • Alexa, ‘Add Nescafe Classic 200g to my cart’
    • Alexa, go to my account
    • Alexa, open my orders
    • Alexa, Show me Redmi Phones
    • Alexa, Add Rava Idli Mix to my cart
    • Alexa, Go to Checkout
    • Alexa, Where is my order
    • Alexa, Where is my delivery
  • Others:
    • Alexa, What is the cricket score?
    • Alexa, Give me an update on Coronavirus
    • Alexa, When does IPL start?
    • Alexa, Who is the president of India?
    • Alexa, When is Rajinikanth’s birthday?
    • Alexa, How is the weather in (city)?
    • Alexa, Tell me a joke
  • Prime Music:
    • Play top songs in (by city – eg: in Delhi, in Chennai, in Bangalore, in Chandigarh, in Kolkata, etc.
    • Play songs by (artists – by A.R. Rahman, by Arijit Singh, etc.)
    • Play latest (language – Tamil, Hindi, English, etc. ) songs
    • Simply tap the mic icon and just ask Alexa