Use your Nokia phone as a flashlight with PhoneTorch for SymbianOS 9.4 5th Edition

Ever wondered to what level convergance can actually reach. First our phones doubled as a MP3 player, then they bundled as a mass storage device., then as a Camera . Few of our phones could also double as a Flash torch light. But that feature was long reducing in usage as they did not offer that functionality and the feature could tend to be over used which actually caused the camera flash light to diminish in quality and life time. Ofcourse like all technologies the right amount of usage always matters. 

Well with that caution here is re introducing the flash light functionality into your S60 5th Edition Nokia Phones.[5800, n97]

 Anyway, Harald Meyer has come to the rescue withPhoneTorch for S60 5th Edition, in full Symbian Signed form.

You can download it from the link and please do read the caution as it is still in the development stage and over usage could cause your phone flash to get damaged.

Author: Team FoneArena

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