Redmi AirDots Unboxing and First Impressions

Xiaomi introduced Redmi AirDots (also called Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic) truly wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 in China along with Redmi Note 7 Pro back in March. The Redmi AirDots are really affordable as compared to other true wireless earbuds, we recently bought a unit from ShareSave which is Xiaomi’s own cross-border e-commerce platform, and here is the unboxing and first impressions of Redmi AirDots.

Box Contents

  • Redmi AirDots with the charging case
  • Extra ear-tips
  • User guide


Similar to other Xiaomi ecosystem products, Redmi AirDots feature a minimal design, these come with a case which is entirely made up of plastic, the earbuds are also made up of plastic, due to which Redmi Airdots are lightweight and weigh just 4.1 grams, including the case the total weight is less than 36 grams. Redmi AirDots are available only in black color, unlike the Mi AirDots.

The earbuds do not feature any branding but Mi branding can be found on the top of the case, and the bottom of the case includes product and charging information. Similar to Mi AirDots, the earbuds are held via magnetic pins inside the case, Redmi AirDots feature an in-ear design and come with 3 sets of ear-tips. The earbuds are really tiny and have dimension 26.65 × 16.4 × 21.6 mm, with the case the dimensions are 62 × 40 × 27.2 mm.

Audio and Connectivity

Redmi AirDots pack a 7.2mm driver unit, which is powerful at low-frequency and soft and delicate at medium to high frequency as per the company. Redmi AirDots feature DSP intelligent noise reduction technology that helps reduce ambient noise, making your voice heard easily during calls.

Similar to Mi AirDots, Redmi AirDots also have Bluetooth 5.0 support and as per the company, the connection range is around 10 meters. The AirDots gets connected to paired devices as soon as you take them out the charging case.


Both the earbuds have a multifunctional key on the top, a short press on left/right earbud works as a play/pause button, and double press can be used to summon voice assistants. Redmi AirDots can also be used to attend/reject calls, a short press on either of the earbud can be used to pick-up a call, and a long press can be used to reject a call.

Battery Life

The battery capacity of each earbud is 40 mAh, the company claims a battery life of 4 hours in stereo mode. Mi AirDots can last for 12 hours in total with the case, the battery capacity of the case is 300 mAh.

The earbuds start charging via magnetic pins as soon as they’re kept in the case, both the earbuds feature a red LED indicator to notify the user about the charging. The earbuds take about 1 hour 30 minutes to charge from 0-100 and the case takes about 2 hours to get charged from 0-100 as per the company. The case can be charged using a Micro-USB cable, and a red LED indicator can be found on the case as well.

Price and Availability

Redmi AirDots (Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic) is priced at RMB 99.9 (Rs. 995 approx.) but are not available in India. Redmi AirDots can be purchased from ShareSave (Opens only on the app) for around 2050 INR including custom charges, ShareSave also offers a 1-year official warranty on Redmi AirDots. You can check out our Redmi AirDots (Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic) review here.

Author: Arpit Porwal

Coming from the Mathematics research background, Arpit keeps an eye on MIUI and Xiaomi products and uses POCO X2 as his daily driver. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.