Nokia delays Nokia E7, launching in Early 2011

Nokia launched the Nokia N8 ( Read our full review) a few months ago, which is the first device to run the Symbian^3, and at Nokia World 2010, Nokia announced the Nokia E7, which is a next generation business phone and it is just like Nokia N8, but it comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard. We heard that Nokia will launch the Nokia E7 this month, but according to Reuters, Nokia has delayed the launch of Nokia E7 from this month to early 2011. Nokia said:

To ensure the best possible user experience on the E7 we have decided to begin shipping in early 2011.

Nokia is doing it for the good of their customers. Rumors are also popping out that Nokia is planning to change the look of Symbian UI, may be this is the reason Nokia E7 is delayed. Well, no one knows the actual reason, but I hope Nokia is going to do something good with the E7. So people who are looking forward to Nokia E7, are you upset about the  delay?

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