Sony Playstation phone aka Zeus leaked again [Video]

In the past few weeks, we talked a lot about the Sony Ericsson Playstation phone a.k.a Zeus, and we also saw some shots of it, and we heard that the phone will be launch officially this month. Now a video of the Playstation phone is rolling around the internet, and the video quality is very clear, in which we can see the SE Playstation phone clearly and almost in any angle. SE Playstation phone is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which we all know is going to be the next version of Android OS, and it’s expected to be out soon. It looks like this is the prototype version of the SE Playstation phone, but still we have an idea on how the phones looks like. SE Playstation phone is going to be a very desirable device for people who love portable gaming, and especially for PSP fans. PSP fans always wanted to have calling ability in their PSP, and soon their dream will come true. The name of the phone is not confirmed yet, so you can call it Zeus, Playstation Phone, or Z1. So folks, check out the video after the break, and tell us what do you think about it?