Google brings Hindi language support for Assistant on Google Home devices

Google has finally announced Hindi language update on Google Assistant for Google Home smart speakers. Starting today, Google Home will also be able to respond in Hindi with uniquely Indian contexts. The Hindi language support on Assistant is already available on smartphones. 

To converse with Google Home in Hindi, users need to set up their Google Assistant to recognize the language. Users need to open the ‘Google Home App’ on their smartphone, tap the ‘Account’, then select ‘Settings.’ Navigate to the ‘Assistant’ tab, and then select ‘Add a language’ and set Hindi as the first language in the list. Users can then just say “Ok Google” to start a conversation with their Assistant on Google Home and ask a question in Hindi.

Users can get quick answers, ask to play Hindi songs, control connected home devices, shop, get daily information, and much more. Apart from these, users can also use it to set alarms, know the weather, call your contacts and much more. The feature is available starting today on your Google Home devices.