Nokia starts Environment Initiative to Recycle mobiles

Nokia has always been at the forefront of environmental initiatives. With their Take-back campaign, they have proved that they do care.

With this campaign, Nokia aims to encourage handset users to dispose off their unusable or old handsets and accessories of any brand at recycle bins installed at Nokia Care Centres and Nokia Priority Dealers.

Users will be given a gift for participating in the campaign and Nokia will plant a tree for every dropped mobile.

Kicking off the campaign from New Delhi, it will soon be replicated across 1300 outlets across the country.

The recycling will be undertaken by reputed companies.

By doing this Nokia aims to avoid much of the energy and chemicals that would be used in manufacturing (extraction and refining) new materials for products. 

According to Recycling provides benefits such as:

Efficient recycling starts by getting the products back and consolidating/sorting/pre-treating them to maximize the efficiencies of the recycling

End-of-life handsets contain many valuable materials which can be recovered and reused in manufacturing new products

Up to 80% of the materials in an old phone can be reused in this way

50% of used phones are not returned or even passed on to another user according to research by Nokia. 

In 2007 Nokia ran major awareness campaigns in various markets such as China, Finland, North America and US to some measure of success.

If you have a mobile phone lying in a corner of a drawer or cupboard wouldn’t you rather give it to Nokia to be successfully recycled and help a great and necessary cause? Tell us what you think!