Unlocked iPhone 4 Prices for Canada are revealed

If you want to buy an factory unlocked iPhone 4 , then Canada seems the cheapest destination for now. If CBS News Canada is right then the 16GB iPhone 4 will cost only Rs.30,000 appox without a contract

Here is the list of the iPhone 4 Outright right purchase price

$659  CAD 16 GB iPhone 4      –  637 USD  –  29 978 INR

$779 CAD 32 GB iPhone 4      –  753 USD  –  35437 INR

$547 CAD – 8 GB iPhone 3GS  – 555 USD  –  26111 INR

These prices are the lowest amongst the countries in which Apple currently offers an unlocked version of the device. UK prices are higher and even a 16GB model costs Rs.35000  approx while a 32GB version costs Rs.42,000 approx.

Now is the time to trouble your cousin / friend in Canada to get an iPhone for you !

Author: Varun Krish

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