Droid X got hunted by Apple antennagate attack

After the death grip issue of the Apple iPhone 4 was confirmed by Apple at a press conference few days,  Apple continues to argue that the same problem occurs in other phones in the market. We saw Apple finding fault with Nokia, RIM, Samsung, and HTC only to get strong replies from these companies . The latest victim is the Motorola Droid X  ! Apple claims that holding the Droid X in weak signal areas may negatively affect signal strength. Verizon and Motorola seem to have had a solid start with the Droid X sales and seems like Apple wants to spoil the party.We are hoping to hear from Motorola about the same.

If you are a Droid X user tell us if are you facing any reception issue with the phone.

There is a poll after the video, don’t forget to check it. Here’s the video in which you will see how Apple  demos the Droid X Antenna problem


via Engadget