Dell Streak available in late July

Dell has updated their official Dell Streak web page in USA to let you know that the Dell Streak will be available in late July or in a few days because July is about to end, and you can sign up for pre-sale opportunity. The Dell Streak is very big in size, and you will need to buy a jacket with XL pockets to carry this phone. If you head over to this link, and fulfill the form, then you can get a chance to have an exclusive 24 hour pre-sale purchase window, get a free upgrade to second business day shipping, and purchase a Plantronics Bluetooth headset for $0.99. So who’s getting it?

The only deal breaker in the Dell Streak is its Android build, which is Android 1.6. Android 1.6 is a very old build, but Dell said that they will launch the Android 2.2 for Dell Streak before the end of this year. So if you have patience in yourself, then get it and wait!