Apple received 94% of all profits from the smartphone industry during Q3 2015


Most of us would probably know that Apple make huge profits from their smartphone sales. But what is shocking is the amount of profit they make when you compare it to the entire smartphone industry. Apparently, Apple received 94% of all the profits generated in the smartphone industry during Q3 2015.

This figure is higher than the 92% that they received during last quarter and the 85% that they received during Q3 2014. The figure becomes even more amusing when you learn that Apple only sold 48 million units or roughly 14.5% of the total smartphone sales. The average selling price for iPhones during Q3 2015 was US$ 670 which translates to an operating margin of 37%.

Samsung on the other hand which sold 81 million units or 24.5% of the total smartphones sold, did come in second place but their profits account to only 11%. The average selling price for Samsung phones was US$ 180 last quarter. If you are wondering how the combined profits of these two companies exceed a 100% then you should know that the reason is that companies such as Lenovo, Blackberry, Sony and HTC posted losses. Therefore the net total would be 100% when you take their losses into account as well.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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