FoneArena Labs: Introducing our brand new gadgets section

We have been running a small project, dubbed FA tech that is driven by the passion of our authors for gadgets and technology for quite some time now. And, the fact that technology is not only about mobile meant that our team spent more time on the platform to express our love towards the various developing fields in the world of consumer technology.


Most of the members, including our founder come from a technical background. The team consists of more engineers than journalists, yeah that’s right! Thanks to our educational backgrounds, our understanding of the product and the underlying technology is sound and we always strive to pass them on to you. Also, we are consumers first and bloggers next.

So, it was quite natural that our personal passions and interests have stretched beyond our mobile project. Today, we are happy to announce our brand new gadgets section We have basically promoted our small tech project to a full-fledged mission.

We have listed complete details of various non-smartphone products under various categories. We intend to list the most interesting products including

Going forward we will expand the categories and you can see more products in our database with each passing day. We are also expanding our coverage and starting today, you can expect us to present you some technology stories that might not necessarily have something to do with mobile phones.

We are very thankful to so many people who have chosen us as their daily source for all things tech. With your support all these years – we have become the No.1 independent technology portal in India. Our traffic keeps getting better every month and we are trying our best to make FoneArena your one stop shop for all things tech!

Head to our gadget section and do let us know what you think about it! If you have any feedback and or if you want to suggest any new products, please feel free to reach us out at –

Author: Team FoneArena

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