Vodafone Celebrates 100 Million Customers Milestone by making its customers Fly to the Sky

vodafone airshipOn March this year, Reliance achieved 100 million customers mark followed by Airtel and then Vodafone followed the two leading Indian telecom operators. To celebrate this precious achievement, Vodafone is now making select customers fly to the sky for free on Vodafone air ship (images of Vodafone airship).

Vodafone airship will be available for free ride on various Indian cities (schedule below) and to win a free ride to the sky via the airship, you need to call 123123 from your Vodafone mobile, get a free Caller tune and you could win a chance to be on the Vodafone Airship.

Schedule of Vodafone Airship for various Indian cities:

City Date
Delhi 22-27th May
Jaipur 14-16th May
Surat 30-1st May
Mumbai 12th April, 22nd-26th April
Pune 16-18th April

Additionally, if you spot the Vodafone Airship when it flies across your city you could win Zoozoo goodies. All you need to do is SMS the location where you spotted the airship to the below mentioned number

sms SPOT <location> to 56565.

So, are you going to try your luck to fly to the sky?

Author: Deepak

As Deepak says - he is a die hard mobile freak and can hardly keep himself away from his mobiles. His passion for mobiles led him to an interview at India's popular news channel. He also blogs at www.mobilegyaan.com