Samsung’s new battery technology could double smartphone battery life

8afd7_samsung-logoSamsung, the smartphone manufacturer, is amongst the few cell phone companies out there that manufacture the majority of their components in-house. From the chipset to the display and even the battery so it is quite interesting to note this new bit of information regarding an innovation in their battery making process.

The South Korean giant has developed a new process that allows them to coat batteries with graphene. This is a highly conductive material that is grown directly on the silicon carbide substrate that is then combined with a lithium ion battery. The resulting battery lasts up to 1.5-1.8 times longer than a standard battery. The layered structure of the graphene on the battery is showing gains that could almost double battery life. This development has far reaching ramifications as it can be applied at practically any use case scenario involving batteries. From smartphones to electric vehicles, the development has the potential to be a major win for consumers all around. Of course, like any technological development, it will still take a few years before it can be commercialized which means that you probably shouldn’t hold out for a Samsung Galaxy device packing said technology anytime soon.

[Via – Android Authority]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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