Sony announces an LED light bulb with built in speaker


Sony has just announced probably a world’s first in Japan; the LED light bulb speaker. Yes you read that right. It is indeed an LED light bulb that has a speaker built right into it along with Bluetooth functionality.

The LED light bulb has a regular screw ring that allows you to fit it into any standard lighting socket that accepts screw bulbs. The bulb has a maximum luminosity of 360 lumens which can be adjusted using an app. You can adjust the volume of the speaker as well using this app.


Sony also provides a separate remote that can be paired using NFC. Sony say that the design is attractive yet compact and lets you put audio equipment in places where it was quite difficult to do so before.The LED light bulb speaker will be released in Japan for Yen 23, 880 which translates to around US$ 199.

We do feel that although this is quite a niche product and the pricing is quite high, it is definitely something that can be useful to some people. Especially once the pricing comes down, we might consider buying one or two ourselves.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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