Nokia C6 Leaked

Here is a fresh leaked picture of the Nokia C6 which was found on a french site . Nokia announced the C5 at CeBIT and also spoke about it’s new naming convention going forward. Now the C6 pictured below looks like cross between the low-end Nokia 5230 , 5800 and the high end N97

nokia-c6The french site is also calling the C6 a  N97 lite. Whats most interesting about this phone is the placement of the D-pad on the right and the display in the same plane as the keyboard (like in N900, E75) and not like in N97 and N97 Mini. And the UI looks a lot like Symbian^3. The C6 might be Nokia’s first phone to run Symbian^3. No further specs are available.

Although this is a rumour , the image looks pretty authentic. And if its just a mockup, then perhaps brands should learn from mockup artists !

Nokia C6 Price and Availability is not yet known but we can expect something this summer

Author: Team FoneArena

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