Exclusive : Eye Controlled Ear Phones @ MWC 2010


Yes you read it right- Eye-Controlled Ear phones – one of the most interesting demos we saw at MWC 2010 last month. Imagine being able to control your tracks , volume and playback with just your eyes – completely hands free !

No fancy concept or research paper in some university but an actual working demo

We managed to capture a complete demo which includes a technical explanation of how the ear phones actually works for you . Hope you like it !


The special ear phones detect the movement of your eyeballs and music players and cellphones can be controlled using these eye gestures.

The earphones contain electrodes and human eyeballs contain a infinitely small charge. These electrodes in the earphones pick up these charges and they are amplified so that they can be used for processing.For Example, when both eyes are looking in the left direction it means a positive charge in left electrode and a negative charge in the right electrode. These signals can be used to control devices .

This project is currently in R&D at NTT DOCOMO Japan and the product is not commercially available. But now we know why Japan is certainly way ahead when it’s come to the mobile industry !

Also find the schematic explanation of the idea below


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Author: Team FoneArena

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