In Depth Review Of The N82 BLACK

If there is one device that has launched enough punch last year it definitely has to be N82 and if there is something that generated more buzz and fervor than N82 then it was its Black Version. The black version is nothing a colored cousin of the original N82. Looking sexier and more royal, N82 Black is touted to be yet another marketing gimmick from Nokia, which is known to always release similar black versions of its popular models ranging from N70 to N95 yet all. These days it’s a trend for mobile enthusiasts to wait for Black versions of a popular N series Model before they make their purchase plans. It does make sense to do so. Obviously a black version of any N series mobile does look sexier and packs in more punch.

Over the weeks we will be covering an in depth review of the N82 Black version hands on…

So keep watching this space.

Author: Team FoneArena

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