Sony Ercisson Xperia X1 likely by mid Sep 08

Well its one of the phones in the entire history of mobile phones that has garnered enough rumors and pre release hype like a RajniKant movie. First it was slated to have windows 6.1 then they said no. they finally it was confirmed that it will be the first mobile device to carry windows 6.1. Then several rumors about its release date. While brushing aside all of them is another rumor (hopefully not). A press hand out from says that the xperia is likely to be launched in mid Sep’08.

Well that’s pretty justified to wait for such a device that’s got everything from a whopping 3” inch screen awesome touch screen gps wifi Bluetooth a2dp etc..

Well here is hoping it’s not a rumor this time at least.

[via: Engadget]

Author: Team FoneArena

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