3G iPhone to bring smiles in US

The iPhone 3G is ready to hit the US shores in June, 27th June to be very precise says Unwired.com. Fortune also reports that the new 3G iPhone will have a GPS, this we have already told you, so what’s the big news?? The big news is for people who are living in US will get $200 subsidy on the 3G iPhone from AT&T. There are three conditions, you should be a ardent iPhone fan, you should be ready to go for two-year contract with AT&T and of course you should be in US. 2 versions of iPhone are expected with a $399 (8GB) and a $499 (16GB) price tag, just imagine getting a $200 discount on these two versions. If you are thinking that, this will also fuel the growth of unlocked 3G iPhones entering in markets other than US, the same curse, which Apple had to bear last time when it launched the iPhone, then you are wrong as it is likely that the phones will be locked or programmed. As usual AT&T have declined to comment on these developments.

Author: Team FoneArena

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