Apple going for 25 million 3G iPhones

The Apple iPhone is ready to be launched in June 2008 at the WWDC of Apple. Steve Jobs will be announcing the handset during his keynote address. For those who don’t know, people are eagerly waiting for the 3G iPhone, which also has a GPS receiver, enhanced camera and supposedly a black finish on the back unlike the previous iPhone, which had the silver color on its back. According to the latest news and reports Foxconn International has received an order from Apple to assemble 25 million 3G iPhones. Commercial Times reports “Apple directed Foxconn to obtain the required materials for production of the 3G iPhone and have an initial test build ready by the end of May”. That is also an indicator that June is the perfect month for the 3G iPhone launch. Apple expects that 3 million 3G iPhones will get sold in June, alone. And like always both the parties are tightlipped about this news. It seems by giving such big order Apple wants to make sure that they live up to the ever building demand from the customers for the 3G iPhone.

Author: Team FoneArena

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