Huawei Attempts to bring 3G Experience over EDGE

The Chinese Telecom and Network solutions company has managed to achieve record speeds of 564 Kb/s over 2G Networks
In a recent trial conducted for EDGE / Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution Huawei managed to clock 564 Kb/s which is roughly 2 times the current speeds possible over EDGE.
It’s an attempt to bring 3G experience over 2G networks which can bring services like Video Streaming etc.
He Gang, president of GSM/UMTS product line for Huawei commented: “This milestone demonstrates Huawei’ s continued commitment towards driving GSM evolution, the world’ s most widely deployed technical standard with the largest mobile subscriber base. Huawei’ s advanced EDGE+ technology enhances flexibility for operators building their 3G networks and provides a seamless high-speed data service experience.”
Huawei is calling this technology EDGE+ or we call it EDGE on Steroids !
If such a solution is implemented by Operators in India where we barely get 100Kb/s even in the middle of the night it would be more than welcome.  With large scale 3G deployment in India still a distant dream possibilities like the above are a ray of hope .

Author: Team FoneArena

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