BSNL Apple iPhone 3G Speed Test

Till now , we have used the iPhone 3G for making calls , listening to music , checking email,playing games, watching videos over a wi-fi hotspot . But now we had the chance to test the real big feature of the iPhone 3G – The inclusion of  Third Generation Technology which gives you broadband like speeds on the road.Since the unit we tested was an unlocked and jailbroken one, we had little trouble to get the BSNL SIM Card recognized. Then we had to goto Settings->General->Network and set Enable 3G to ON

Then we set the Access Point or APN under the Cellular Data Network as

The phone was still connecting only over EDGE and failed to show the 3G indicator.

We restarted the phone and were blessed with 3G speeds as you can see in the screenshot above.

But the Battery is draining faster now thanks to the increased power consumption.

We get a 3G signal indoors pretty easily with Nokia and Samsung phones. But we could manage to get a 3G signal on the iPhone only outdoors.

Anyone using BSNL 3G on their iPhone ? Do you have any issue getting it to work ? Let us know

Author: Team FoneArena

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