Video : Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Hardware

The Nokia 5530 was recently launched in India  We have been covering the 5530 a lot.

The Price of the phone is Rs.14000 officially but its been selling for few weeks now in the local markets for 12k.Here is a short video which gives you an idea about the phone and how it looks.


A lot of users are complaining about the pricing of the 5530 being more than the 5800 although the 5530 lacks 3G, GPS. We do agree it’s kind of confusing for a buyer to make a choice between 5800 and 5530 as both are available in the market.  It’s not a great idea by the company to have almost similar handsets in the exact same price range. But 5800 might be phased out soon ? We guess so !

But the 5530 looks really attractive and is more responsive. And you get 100 tracks for free from the Nokia Music store along with the phone .

Author: Varun Krish

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