World’s most expensive iPhone

iphone_diamonds_2_thumb_450x300.jpgThere are some people in this bad world, who, if given a choice between a high-end premium phone and an apartment in a big city, will buy the phone. A designer and jewelery maker from the beautiful country of Austria has come out with an iPhone for people who can go to any limit to buy a phone that is not high on functionality, but is certainly high on the bling bling side. The cost of this iPhone is $176,400 but what makes it so expensive then? This blingy touch screen gadget has 318 diamonds, with 138 of them are princess cut and the rest of the diamonds are brilliant cut. These 17.75 carats of diamonds are set into 18k white gold around the rim. I don’t think so anybody will use this phone much. If you ask me, I would prefer buying a good car and a Nokia N95 8GB with that much money.

Author: Team FoneArena

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