Google bets that Android will outperform Apple iPhone


Apple created a buzz in the developer world by launching the Apple iPhone SDK; it became an instant hit among developers and was downloaded 100,000 times in just four days. Google which is behind the Android platform saw a  spike in mobile traffic after the introduction of the iPhone .When all this is happening, everybody is looking towards Google’s Android OS, which seems to be unaffected by all the attention, which the new Apple SDK has got. The guys at Google were sounding pretty confident at the recently held Emerging Communications Conference in Silicon Valley, and they were saying that Android is not afraid of Apple iPhone platform and will easily outsell the later, that is some confidence Google guys are showing I must say. For the uninformed the Android SDK was downloaded over 750,000 times, Apple are you reading this, if yes, then please respond to these guys at Google.

Author: Team FoneArena

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