Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist vs White Frost Photo Gallery


A lot of you have been asking us if they White S4 is better than the Black one and vice versa  ,so we managed to get both the colours of the Galaxy S4 in India for a quick photo shoot. Here are some photos comparing the two variants side by side. Samsung calls the Black version – Black Mist although it is a lot closer to blue in reality. The white is called White Frost and is actually white.

Both the colours have a small pattern on the back which is very evident on the Black one.


The Black is more reflective as you can see below compared to the white one. It is easier to spot finger pints and smudges on the black unit than on the white one which seems to hide it quite well.


The Black version does a neat job of hiding those sensors and front facing camera in the phone while it looks very ugly on the White version.


Even when you look at both these phones at a close distance , the sensors are more visible on the white unit than on the black unit.


Both have backlit keys and pretty much on the same level in terms of visibility


More photos in the gallery below.  Which one would you go for ? Black or White or rather the HTC One ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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