Nokia N9 Press Images Leaked

PocketNow has got their hands on the Press Images of the rumoured Nokia N9 / Lankku / N950 . The images almost confirms that the device will be a Touch only device without a QWERTY keyboard. Full specs or a final name is still not out, but the handset is likely to arrive in Pink, Blue and Black. The device looks super slim and seems to be running Nokia’s version of the MeeGo which has been under development for quite sometime.

Here is another image which show shows the earpiece and headphone jack.

We are really excited about Nokia Connection happening at Singapore tomorrow.  Michael might be getting his hands on at whatever device is announced tomorrow. So make sure you check FoneArena tomorrow for all the latest Nokia stuff.


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Author: Varun Krish

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  • jospoortvliet

    whaaa, that looks awesome. Finally a good looking replacement for my N900 😀

  • They look pretty cool, but I would miss a QWERTY keyboard.

  • Bailey

    I have not been a Nokia fan for years but when I
    Saw these images I was like I want one. I don’t care
    What it runs.

    Lets hope the software matches the Hardware.

  • atovi

    Can’t wait 2 c da device n its power…

  • sujay

    Nokia N9 comes with swipe finger gesture UI, just swipe to go any where.Its a first pure touch screen phone without any physical keys at front or side of phone.
    It has amazing curved 3.9″ laminated amoled display with polycarbonate unibody design.
    Nokia N9 comes with fastest 8 mp camera with hd video and 16:9 photos support.It has fastest opening and closing 8 mp camera.
    Now the web browser is super fast with latest webkit 2 technology and while loading web page you can move the web page now as screen is more responsive without any lag.
    N9 comes with dolby surround sound plus technology with dolby headsets.
    Nokia comes in with latest NFC technology making things share easier.Nokia N9 will be powered by 1ghz processor and 512 ram.

  • rahul

    mr. sujay it has 1GB RAM NOT 512MB

    • sujay

      mr.rahul for your knowledge 512 mb ram high level memory+ 512mb graphics memory= 1gb ram
      Its not totally raw 1 gb ram but includes 512 mb graphics memory too.As i didnt mentoin in my earlier comment you can get it now mr.rahul.