Unknown futuristic Nokia Phone featured in Real Steel Trailer?

Well well, look what I’ve just found! While watching the latest Trailer for “Real Steel“, a geeky Sci-Fi Robot fight movie, there’s Hugh Jackman tapping on his phone to end a call, which turns out to be an unknown(?), futuristic looking Nokia phone. It sure does look a bit like a N8/E7, with the plastic caps on top and bottom, with a transparent middle part. Of course phones will always be transformed a bit to fit into movie styles, but hey, it’s all fun, so why not show it to you?

Check at 00:16 into this Trailer!

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Author: Michael Hell

Michael Hell, certified geek, mobile jedi, amateur photographer, music addict. Down to earth and always up for new challenges. Also blogging on www.michaelxhell.com, which is my private blog for things like Photography and personal things :) Feel free to add me on http://twitter.com/michaelxhell or http://www.facebook.com/michaelxhell

  • It seems someone has just covered nokia n8 with some dirty plastic cover

  • I sure hope that does glow in the dark or something. Would be *so* cool 😀

    • Michael Hell

      and sparkling when it’s exposed to the sun? oh no, wait.. 😀

  • Wow, it takes a true geek to catch that one! Nice grab. 😉

    • Michael Hell

      it takes a movie fanatic and geek to spot that! ha! 😀 thanks bubba!

  • El Marko

    How far in the future does the movie take place?

    I only ask, on the off-chance the phone depicted is running Symbian^3 Anna. That way, you know, I’ll have some idea as to when the rumored updated might be released. . .

    • Michael Hell

      lol, i like the way you think, but i can assure you, this is not how Nokia would do this 😀

  • sagar

    Nokia E7 is amazing ……………