Nokia E7 in India @ Rs.29999

The Nokia E7 was finally launched today in New Delhi, India. The phone was launched by Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan and Shivakumar, MD and Vice-President of Nokia India. The price of the Symbian smartphone is Rs.29999 and is targeted at business users.Nokia E7 is the first Symbian^3 phone which comes with a full QWERTY keyboard.

The phone also features 4 inch Capacitive AMOLED CBD (Clear Black Display) Gorilla glass screen, 8 megapixel camera with Dual-LED flash and HD video recording, Wireless LAN,  Bluetooth, A-GPS, in-built 16GB memory, HDMI-Out and USB on-the-go.

The phone is 3G enabled, which supports live television streaming and data download speeds upto 10.2 mbps and allows users to configure upto 10 e-mail ID’s. It also comes with built-in software such as QuickOffice, Adobe PDF reader, Microsoft Communicator, Vingo, F-Secure Anti-theft.

Nokia E7 India Launch and Price

The E7 will be available in 2 colours in India initially Dark Grey & Silver White. although the Best Buy Price is Rs.29,999 some retailers are offering the handset for as much as Rs.28300.The company is also having an option to purchase the phone in 3 monthly installments

Vodafone users get free data

Nokia has tied up with Vodafone to offer 2GB data per month free for 6 months. The offer is applicable on 3G and 2G (both pre-paid and post paid). Users can insert their Vodafone SIM into the handset to activate this offer.

Do watch our exclusive Unboxing of the Nokia E7

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  • shekhar nair

    very expensive. . . . Any way nokia has abandoned symbian. Why buy it. It would be waste. You are not going to get software update in the near future.

  • Akhilesh Kumar

    Nokia must have declare the Symbian Future.

  • Ram Rao

    The price is unreasonably high. Even with Shah Rukh Khan launching it.


    The Nokia E7 has lower specs than the N8, which sells for Rs. 22,642.
    Nokia should have priced the E7 at Rs. 18,000, no more.

    The E7’s camera has neither autofocus nor Xenon flash — both strengths of the preceding Nokia N8.

    And the E7 has no microSD card memory expandability.

    The “HDMI-Out” and “USB on-the-go” cables which came free with the N8, are not free with the Nokia E7.

    Symbian grandly started the smartphone trend, when iPhone and Android didn’t even exist. However, they fell back. Symbian’s strategies failed to attract as many smartphone applications (apps) as iOS or Android.

    Now that Nokia’s (ex-Microsoft) CEO: Steven Elop has announced he will discontinue Symbian in two years, why will developers make new apps for Symbian at all ? Symbian is clearly a dying platform !!

    Had Nokia joined the Android revolution, their phones would have combined superlative hardware with solid software.

    But alas, that was not to be! The villains? Microsoft! A relative nobody in the smartphone ecosystem, Microsoft paid Nokia over one billion dollars to keep them away from Android. Hordes of Nokia Symbian designers and engineers have left.

    The Nokia E7 is a case of too little, too late, too expensive from Nokia.

  • O.P.Maan

    Manufacturing cost of this fone is 1650ru.Yar mat lutao in mnc s ko

  • rAg

    Price already down to 28.5k on ebay india!!!

  • Kiran

    I agree with Mr. Ram Rao.. Dont waste ur money on a symbian phone..

  • charlie pie

    the phone has actually nothing new than the n8. the major advantage is the the qwerty key pad over the n8, that apart it does not have memory card slot and worst the camera does not have auto focus which is a must if yoy are going to spend 30 k on this phone. otherwise i will recommend that if one has to buy then might as well take the c7 or better still the e72 will do a better job because as someone has said earlier the slow processor less ram and sooooo expensive and launching ultra late in the market teeming with android smart phones. dont get me wrong i am still a nokia fan but not the e7 definetly

  • Prashant

    I m also agree wid Mr. Ram Rao..nd kiran Dont waste ur
    money on a symbian phone.. Cost is very high…… 16000 okay

  • it is too much costly cell yar

    • Tahir Hussain

      so costiy bzc good quqlity yar

  • sahil

    salo kuchh to rate kam kar do

  • i have baught nokia N8 handset in 20,000….bt few days later nokia E7 lounched..the price is too(28,000)high frm n8,bt whn i compair my n8 with newly E7,then i saw tht 1.The camera of nokia n8 is 12 mp,whre E7 only on 8 mp…
    2. N8 comes with xeon flash &auto focus wth carl zesis lens,,bt E7 only hv the led flash….
    3. N8 hve explandable memory slot,,bt their E7 hve no memory card slot…
    4. i get the HDMI cable with nokia N8…bt u don’t get this in E7…So,now all in ur hand..thank you..

  • justin

    this phone is great…my dad gifted me this mobile…it works so smothly..

  • Farhan532_vm

    e7 haz usb on d go whch nokia n8 dont hav….n it haz inbuilt 16 gb whch iz mre dan enough fr an ordinary cell….1 mre thn e7 haz qwerty keyboard n it haz 1 gb rom n many mre

  • Sandeep Nagrani

    how to get that vodafone offer. they are not providing..

  • pankaj

    good phone but price is so high 

  • Ilyas2520

    kaiko lere saallo 

  • manish

    good phone  

  • vishal

    n8 is better than E7……..

  • SebastianSuresh

    i like it very much

  • Anup patil

    itna phone bada phone diya magar dual sim nai lagta,bhari me ka dual sim nukalo ki achha lage