Vodafone to launch MiFi device in India for Rs.5500

We were just looking around the Vodafone 3G site and found a nice surprise – Mi-Fi a device.  I guess most of you have heard of such a device or might be using one. For those of you who don’t know , it’s a portable Wi-Fi hotspot which takes in a SIM Card and lets you share your single data connection with multiple devices. If you are a person who carries multiple phones and want data on all devices without hefty phone bills or painful SIM swapping, a MiFi is a great device to have.

The price of the device is mentioned as Rs.5500 and it’s pretty reasonable  if it’s true. But I’m almost certain the device will be locked to Vodafone !

Olive launched a similar product last year called the Nexus but it had only 1-2 hours of battery life. It would be a good move by Vodafone if the information shared on the website is accurate.

The device pictured above is mostly a Huawei made R201 Wireless hotspot and I have used one while in UK and it’s pretty good.

I’m pretty sure that this device will fall under the Mobile Broadband Category in the Tariffs .Now the question is will we have good 3G coverage for using such a device ?

Source : vodafone.in

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Manu

    It is very interesting product. My concern is this mobile/portable device has to have a battery life of 12-15 hours at least to become mass-market product.

    • Most MiFis have only 4-5 hours of battery life. You can buy a spare battery if u want it to lost longer 🙂

  • Hi…just checking. can’t I buy an android phone that lets me create a wifi hotspot instead? Heard HTC has models that can do that. Help appreciated. Thanks.

    • But having a separate device is wise as it does not kill the phone battery quickly

  • Well said. Nexus lost its market mainly due to the battery life. Hope vodafone would overcome it. Good option for multiple mobile users.


    Really Pioneering step for Net Manic. Waiting for tge Device

  • nice site…..

  • Aradhya

    used it in Australia with vodaphone , great device , very quick , loved it . bought it here n struggled with poor coverage while travelling to j&k n jaipur , , my advice would be ; wait for a some time till 3g network in india becomes reliable or you may wanna buy htc desire HD , which is d only phone in indian marker offering wifi hot spot feature

  • Dev sharma

    awesome!!! I love this… this is cool. 🙂

  • K singh

    Could you pl tell me if I can use this to get 3G broadband on my iPad 2? I bought an iPad 2 with only wifi and now don’t know how to use it when say ia, in the car or outdoors.

  • ajay

    mifi device available in nagpur.?

  • Tye

    what about rental, how much do we have to pay because 3G is really costly.

  • Hitesh

    i wnt it for my ipod 4g…coz i can’t use wifi away from home..n i m going in banglore for further studies in pg..so there will be no wifi there…can i use this?