Nokia most trusted brand in India, Yet Again !


Nokia has been voted the most trusted brand in India according to a recent survey conducted by research firm Trust Research Advisory (TRA). The “Brand Trust Report, India Study 2011″ was launched in Mumbai on Tuesday by our beloved Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Sir, Former President of India. The survey covered 16,000 brands, based on 61 questions to 2310 respondents in nine major cities.

While the number two and three spots were taken by Tata and Sony, respectively, while LG and Samsung were positioned at number four and five.

Survey also included personalities as brands where Master blaster Tendulkar took 59th position overtaking the Father of  The Nation  – Mahatma Gandhi at 232nd position while actor Aamir Khan was at 242nd rank.

Surprisingly, Bollywood”s legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan’s name does not figure in the top 300 list.

How did this survey work?

TRA’s CEO N Chandramouli said, “As trust is a very subjective term, we developed a trust matrix which included 61 components defining trust which include empathy, non-threatening ambience, perceived competence, corporate altruism, commanding respect, shared interest, displaying sincerity, enthusiasm, outward appearance and accepting responsibility.”

And, infact every house in India has atleast 1 phone made by Nokia, and those are the feature phones, mid ranged phone and smartphones. Looking forward to see a comeback from Nokia with regards to the high end smartphones segment. The N9 may be the answer..?

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Source : ET

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  • saurav anuraj

    i hate nokia..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

    I don’t trust nokia also this poll result?
    why ?
    my all friends and other my related people don’t trust nokia from 2 to 3 years.
    thats why my next device must not nokia.

  • Niraj

    I love noia,i m using only nokia mobile 2005 to this year2011 now using x6 8gb it is very good perfomes ,so i m setisafy nokia mobile congrutulation nokia,thank u

  • Mahesh

    Really nokia is the most trusted brand i’m using nokia mobiles for the past 5 years. Great battery backup. Awesome display. Even though android is gud, symbian is the best user friendly operating system. My first phone is 1100. I changed many brands but nokia only gives me great satisfaction. i’m using nokia e63 for the past 3 years. Great phone. Nokia rocks

  • Vikash

    There is on surprise because NOKIA is the best mobile maker of the world.can’t think to purchase other then NOKIA.

  • Roshan

    Gandhiji’s name shouldn’t have dragged into this survey.

  • shak

    I am 100% agree. Nokia is best brand in mobile phones coz of hardware and easy OS. I hope, once meego OS based mobiles launched, Nokia will conquer smartphone market.

  • Tom

    Come on people, wake up!! Its high time you must understand and acknowledge that nokia is just a so called company, not launching its exclusive phones in India, just making cheap phones, with lesser functionality and the CHEAPEST looks.. even micromax phones look better than nokia phones. lol!!
    Its time to push that ugly, boring and just regular kinda OS Symbian.. And super boring, super ugly this new C series..

    Get something new, get something interesting, get something innovative.. get a sony ericsson, or any other android device better than nokia..

    • AKASH

      how cheap u r man?

  • Victim

    I used to be a nokia fan until i came across defective nokia phones on opening sealed boxes since 2009. Even though their technology is good, manufacturing quality has become abysmal.

  • Matt Darlong

    NOKIA made it Again…

  • SriraM

    always nokia
    2690 i used
    Now using 5233
    Always nokia

  • bheem

    Guys i am a nokia fan..i love nokia very has good os and good battery backup.i have been with nokia from 2000 when i bought my first handset has amazing looks and i like it very much.

    NOKIA will be the winner forever..